Branding: What is a brand?

By definition, a brand is “an identifying mark”.  This “identifying mark” is the face of your business when you are not there to personally represent it.  This “mark” must convey your businesses personality, image and the emotion that you want your customer to feel when they are interacting with your business.  This is not a simple task and many times your brand must be tweaked and refined a few times before you nail it!


Why is it important to nail it?

Does your business sell a product or service that your customer can find elsewhere? What would make your customer choose your business over your competitor and why they should someone pick yours when they have other options?

This is why nailing your brand is so important. If they don’t feel emotionally connected with your business the first time they interact with it, they will most likely move on to another business that they feel more connected to.  A first impression may be the only impression you get!  Make it a good one!

So what exactly makes up a brand?

The four main components that make up a great brand are…

1) Logo
2) Fonts
3) Colors
4) Graphics

Each one of these components are equally important and since they build on each other, we are going to break them up into their own blog posts so we can give you a deep dive on each component.  

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