Creating your schedule

As a business owner, we are always running around trying to figure out what to do next. We are putting out fires here and running over there to help with customer service. Then, we remember we have to do this live video for our marketing, so we jump on and do that. 

Our days look and feel like one big chaotic mess.  If only we had a plan and knew which direction we were going, our marketing would be so much easier. 

Let’s fix it!!  To get our plan, we are first going to brain dump (write down so you can see it all on paper) all the ideas in our heads of free stuff we could give our audience that would provide value. 

We are going to then take that list and create a map (or outline) for our content for the year. The goal is 12 different topics that we can break down into weekly segments (don’t forget about your 5 week months). This is going to be the schedule that we are going to follow to know what we are going to give away for our marketing each week. We are going to write a short blog post about the topic and do a live video. 

We are going to schedule out our live videos. Get them on your calendar. If they are written down AND we know what we are going to talk about, it makes them far less difficult and we will be prepped and ready to take on the challenge. We will also remember to get dressed that day instead of staying in our pajamas! 

Scheduling is such a big deal when it comes to simplifying your life. Another major aspect of your business that you can schedule would be your accounting. Don’t wait until the end of the year and do a 12-month cram in a week. Schedule in time for it each week, or at a minimum, monthly, to ensure that you stay organized. This will save you from some much needed hair pulling out at the end of the year. 

Let’s get some pen to paper and get an outline of what you would like for your year to look like. What does your audience want to see? Get those live videos planned out and on the calendar and while your looking that weekly calendar over pen in some time to work on your accounting too!