Creating your Content Posts

For a writer, you would think creating posts would be an easy task. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. For most online businesses, especially those that have a high volume of posting content on them, along with the graphics, the posts themselves are imperative. That’s how you get viewers to read what you have to say, potentially converting them to customers. When your posts are good enough to appeal to your market audience, these customers are always loyal.

That’s what you want!

But how do you create posts? Not just any old posts either. Posts that are eye catching, and have the ability to captivate your reader? 

Use Your Batch Content Ideas:

I’ve discussed using batch content before. This is essentially when you prepare your content for a specific amount of time at once. Planning ahead at least what topic you are discussing throughout the month can go a long way in creating your posts. If you happen to be having writer’s block, or just trouble figuring out what to write in this post, your batch content map of ideas will definitely help! Go ahead and try to get all your posts done at once.

Even if you don’t create every single post on the day that you plan to do most of your batch work, having some of the main points, ideas, and thoughts to reverence can help move things along at a later time when you are ready to create the post.

Benefit Your Audience:

No matter how great the information you have to share is, if someone is uninterested in the way you say something, the probably won’t listen to the content. 

What’s this mean? It means write your posts with your reader, client, or potential customer in mind. Knowing them goes a long way in this. You have to be aware of who is going to be reading what you have to say. Keeping this in mind, write in the way you know your audience likes to read. 

Save Your Posts:

This is something that should be a given. Nobody wants to spend hours writing only to find that what he or she wrote was never saved. You do not want to start all over! Trust me. Saving your posts is important of course, but so is where and how you save them. 

If you are someone like me who has hundreds of Word documents and files, you have to find a way to save your posts in a place and manner that makes it easier for you to find when needed. Create folders. Subfolders. Whatever may make finding your post more convenient. 

Creating your website posts don’t have to be difficult or stressful. In reality they don’t even really have to be time consuming, I mean you can type a million words a minute! These few tips may go a long way in helping to keep your creative process open, and the administrative process simple! 

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