Creating your Graphics

Have you ever visited a website that was just dull and unexciting? Did you stay on the website very long? What about online shopping? Have you ever been on a website that probably has great products, but the graphics or page design in general was just a complete turnoff? 

Me too!

No one wants to look at a boring website or post. No matter how great content is, as humans we are visual first. This means the graphics are what get people to your site, and likely what cause them to stay long enough to see that you have great content or products they need. What we are trying to say is that your graphics are VERY IMPORTANT. 

Graphics aren’t always easy, especially if you just wrote and edited the content and now you’re excited to get the information up. But it doesn’t have to be something that’s stressful. 

So what can you do to make creating graphics easier and more convenient?

Everyone has their own graphic design software preferences when it comes to creating graphics. If the way you are currently doing it is extremely time consuming for you, research and check out other tools or programs that may make this process faster for you. We love two tools in particular….  Canva and RelayThat!  They are both super user friendly and make creating graphics a breeze and are based solely online so you don’t have to download anything!  The quicker you can create great graphics, the quicker you will have a completed post ready to be shared or scheduled. 

If you haven’t read our post about Batch Content, check that out here. Here is another way it will come handy. Having the content that you will be posting for the week or even month is a good start in pre-making graphics. You want to create graphic content that will pertain to what you are discussing in your article or post. Preparing content in advance can help you create graphics in advance. This makes your months posting process so much smoother!

You never want to make the mistake of accidentally attaching the wrong graphic to your content. This can be embarrassing and time consuming. Make sure you have a folder on your computer that is named and dedicated solely for your graphics. Even using sub folders for different content projects can prove to be efficient and helpful, especially if you have to do an upload on the go. 

Most of these things seem to be easy in nature, but are you already practicing them? If you are just now looking into doing your own graphics for your site, these are a few things you want to keep in mind to make that process smooth and simplified. Again, graphics are important. Probably more important than the content itself as it has the potential to drive traffic based on the look alone.