Batching your content

So you have a blog. You really want to get content up, you know it can be monetized and earn some passive income for you. Unfortunately, you don’t have the time. You sit down, create a posting schedule, but it seems that every single time that scheduled block of time comes, something happens. You get writer’s block. SOMETHING! 

But don’t worry; we know this never happens to you, just your other business friends! 

One thing that has really helped us with this problem: Batch Content. 

Batch content is essentially created a large amount of content in batches. You know like that one miraculous morning where all your creative writing juices are flowing and you’re on a roll. Go ahead and create a large amount of content to put on your site. This way you don’t have to worry about months going by before you post again. 

Here are a few tips to help you once you have created all this content, because you don’t want it to just sit there. You also don’t want to overwhelm your readers either. 

So what do you do with batch content?

Schedule your Facebook Viral Shares. 

We know Facebook has a massive amount of individuals with accounts. This works in our favor as bloggers. As you scroll throughout your feed throughout the week, save photos and videos that may give you creative ideas. Then take the time to schedule out your Facebook shares a few days in advance. This saves you the trouble of trying to be on time and consistent every single week, as your followers expect you to be. Sometimes, life happens! That’s why when you can; you should take advantage of pre-scheduling. 

Utilize Tools to Pre Schedule Posts.

You’ve written so many blog posts, but again, you may get overwhelmed with life and not have the time to even get the posts you’ve already written up. There are so many different automation tools available that make scheduling posts easy. Not only can you schedule posts, but also your emails. Check out what is available to you, learn your way around your site. 

Your Conversation Starters can Loop every 90 days.

It may sound crazy, but about every 90 days your conversation starters can loop, meaning you can use something very similar to grasp the attention of your readers. For the most part, we as readers don’t remember back 90 days worth of posts. Use this to your advantage. 

If you’ve never thoughts of scheduling your posts, or looping some of your conversations starters before, take it into consideration! If it doesn’t work for you, you can always try something different.  So give batch content a try. Instead of trying to schedule certain days of the week to write and post, just schedule a day or two to write a large amount of content and schedule it out.