Setting up for a Facebook LIVE

Do you capture your audiences attention through social media?

Well, if you do, then we are sure that you understand the importance of Facebook in your social media strategy. But, do you use the Facebook LIVE feature? And, how does this play a part in your social media plan?

Facebook LIVE is great tool for real-time interaction with your audience. From showing a tutorial to answering your audiences questions about a particular topic. If done correctly, it can add a personal touch to your brand and build a rapport with your followers. 

Now, we know that going LIVE on Facebook isn’t for everyone. But did you know, if you do a Facebook LIVE and you’re not happy with it, there’s a button at the end where you can delete the whole thing? That means only the people that were watching at the time with you would ever see it! 

Doing a LIVE video takes a lot of confidence. But, it can work wonders for your business. 

But, what’s the secret in nailing an awesome Facebook LIVE?

Well, we have some tips to get you started:

Professional Background:

Having a neutral or branded background for your Facebook LIVE adds a sense of professionalism and connectivity to your brand. 

Kara, one our team and the face behind Kinsley’s Creative Palette, uses Facebook LIVE regularly to interact with her members and followers. 

For each Facebook LIVE, Kara sits in front of a Kinsley’s Creative Palette featured background clearly showing her brand, brand colors and the theme of her business. She has a great set up in her studio and it becomes recognizable for her audience.

If you are limited for space, using a curtain to cover a background is a great idea. Also, it can hide clutter and divide a room to ensure you have a specific Facebook LIVE and video recording area.

It is also important to have your logo or brand message somewhere in the background of your video. 

Now, we understand setting up a whole branded background for Facebook LIVE videos isn’t always practical. However, having a neutral or plain background is recommended. Your audience wants to concentrate on what you are talking about, not what is going on in the background of your video. 


Multiple Camera Angles:

Using multiple camera angels and shots is also a great option if you want to show your audience something.

For example, relating to Kinsley’s Creative Palette again, Kara has multiple electronic holders set up around her desk. This enables her to use different camera angles and devices to show different aspects during her Facebook LIVE videos. 

For example, if she is showing her audience how to paint using a particular technique, she can use a camera angle from above to give a full effect. 

Moreover, if she wants to talk directly to her audience when answering questions, she can use a front facing camera as it is more engaging for her audience.

Also, light is hugely important when shooting videos. If you are in a room with natural sunlight, you don’t want the shine to fall directly in your video. It can be distracting for you talking in the video and it’s doesn’t look good for your audience. Similarly, using a lamp or spot light close to where you are shooting your video can work wonders for your video quality. 

We recommend try and testing different angles to see what works best for you. Put yourself in your audiences shoes. Does your camera angle look good? Is the light reflecting in your video? Does it look too dark in the shot?

No Need for Fancy Technology:

There is often a common misconception that you need all the fancy camera equipment to do a LIVE video. But, that is just simply not the case. 

You can go LIVE on Facebook from your mobile phone, webcam or any device with a camera!

As long as the device is set up properly and propped up on a steady surface, you’re good to go!


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