Fiverr: Easy Steps to Hiring Freelancers

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Hiring Freelancers

Recently there has been a global shift in work trends towards freelancing. Hiring a freelancer is now regarded as a cost-effective and quick way to get a job done. 


There are various websites where you can post a job and hire a professional to complete it. And, all these websites have unique ways of operating and doing things. 


One of the most popular freelancer websites out there is Fiverr. A large freelance network used by many businesses to hire skilled individuals or to do ‘quick jobs’ with no need for a full contract.  


In this article, we will discuss why we would recommend using Fiverr to find your freelancers and give you some information about the platform.  





Services Available on Fiverr

The Fiverr marketplace is categorized into 7 major categories which are further sub-categorized to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Let’s break it down ….

Graphics & Design

You can hire a graphic designer to design a logo, flyer or poster for your business. Also, services like illustration, cartoons drawing, book cover designs etc are also available.


Writing & Translation

One of the highly availed services here is writing and translation.  It includes both content and technical writing like blogs, articles and books etc. You can also find individuals who will be willing to write your resume, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.


Digital Marketing

From SEO optimization of your website to content marketing, crowd-funding and web traffic everything can be performed via freelancers here.


Video & Animation

This category includes video editing, visual effects, subtitles, trailers, promos and GIF or characters animation etc.


Music & Audio

This consists of services such as vocal tuning, sound effects, singing or composing, mixing and mastering, voiceover, transcription and podcast editing.


Programming & Tech

Services like website or application development, coding, cyber-security, e-commerce development, database development, game designing and chatbots fall under the umbrella of programming and tech.



Business owners can use this platform to hire a virtual assistant, legal or financial consultant, product researcher and project management experts.

How it Works ...

Let’s have a look into how this platform works…


The initial step is to sign up as a buyer. You can then search for a gig that best matches your requirements. Once you’ve found your freelancer for the job, simply place your order and pay for the services. Simple as that! 



True to its name, the minimum rate for any task here is $5. However, you might notice that this amount is only for basic services and most sellers charge extra amount for additional services. For example, extra revisions, proofreading, editing or tweaking in the final product.


Fiverr offers 3 kinds of services; Basic, Standard, and Premium. The prices of these packages depend on both the quality and quantity of tasks. 


Moreover, Fiverr charges fees for each order. So, you can expect a little added charge on your final order price!


Benefits of using the Platform...

Using this platform to hire a freelancer can have huge positive impacts on your business. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is also a quick and easy way of bringing in an expert for the job!



Other benefits include:


  • There is a broad range of services with a wide network of sellers.
  • It is a quick and efficient way of getting a task done. Some freelancers are even willing to deliver the results within a few hours.
  • It costs you much less than hiring a regular firm and saves you the time and effort of hiring someone.
  • The comprehensive features of gig and information about the seller give you an overview of the freelancer.
  • A private communication platform helps you to communicate your requirements effectively and keep track of the progress. You can also customize your orders on Fiverr.
  • The payments between the client and freelancer are carried out within Fiverr. This transparency reduces the risk of scams and frauds.
  • Sellers with Fiverr Pro have a robust set of skills and a complete track record. These individuals have to work to maintain this badge which results in accurate and excellent products.
  • Most importantly, if you are not happy with the services you received, Fiverr offer a quick and easy refund process. 

Why we Recommend Fiverr

We recommend the Fiverr platform because it ticks all the boxes!

It offers a wide range of services and freelancers and prices offered are competitive. Using a freelancer platform is also very cost effective compared to hiring staff on a normal contract.

It is also a great option for businesses who are working on a small budget.