Facebook: The Social Media Giant

Where does everyone hang out now-a-days? Is it on the ball fields, at church, in a parking lot on Friday night, or is it on Facebook? Facebook is a giant when it comes to finding your ideal audience because chances are that is where they are hanging out.  You have more tools at your fingers tips then every before! 

Why is it important to be on Facebook?

Creating a business is easier then ever before, but with opening a business come expenses. Expense in marketing, supplies, tech, the list goes on. Facebook is an amazing resources for small business owners because we are now given access to a powerful platform that allows us to be on a level playing field with the big guys. 

So, how can I utilized Facebook?

The four main components that allow us to utilize Facebook are…

1) Setting up your Business Page
2) Page Vs. Group
3) How often to post?
4) Ads & Pixels