Simplicity: How to simplify your business?

Simplicity: How to simplify your business? Simplify and organize your space so you can not use that as a excuse to not go live and record the videos that you need to for you audience.  Why is it important to stay organized? By staying organized you will prevent overwhelm and you will be more […]

Simplified:Creating Posts

Creating your Content Posts For a writer, you would think creating posts would be an easy task. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. For most online businesses, especially those that have a high volume of posting content on them, along with the graphics, the posts themselves are imperative. That’s how you get viewers to read […]

Simplified:Creating Graphics

Creating your Graphics Have you ever visited a website that was just dull and unexciting? Did you stay on the website very long? What about online shopping? Have you ever been on a website that probably has great products, but the graphics or page design in general was just a complete turnoff?  Me too! No […]

Simplified:Batching Content

Batching your content So you have a blog. You really want to get content up, you know it can be monetized and earn some passive income for you. Unfortunately, you don’t have the time. You sit down, create a posting schedule, but it seems that every single time that scheduled block of time comes, something […]


Creating your schedule As a business owner, we are always running around trying to figure out what to do next. We are putting out fires here and running over there to help with customer service. Then, we remember we have to do this live video for our marketing, so we jump on and do that.  […]