Setting up for a Facebook LIVE

Setting up for a Facebook LIVE Do you capture your audiences attention through social media? Well, if you do, then we are sure that you understand the importance of Facebook in your social media strategy. But, do you use the Facebook LIVE feature? And, how does this play a part in your social media plan? […]

Facebook: The social media giant!

Facebook: The Social Media Giant Where does everyone hang out now-a-days? Is it on the ball fields, at church, in a parking lot on Friday night, or is it on Facebook? Facebook is a giant when it comes to finding your ideal audience because chances are that is where they are hanging out.  You […]

Facebook: Do You Have Paid Ads on Facebook?

Do You Have Paid Ads on Facebook? Having a Facebook account isn’t solely about generating traffic to your online website. Did you know you have the ability to monetize your social media account? This means you have the ability to make money off of your social media accounts with little to no effort. Whether this […]

Facebook: Setting up Facebook Pixel

Setting up Facebook Pixel In a previous post, I discussed the importance of paying attention to demographic data. Why was this important? Because this data can be useful in determining how to target your clients and Facebook viewers with paid ads.  Now I know, the thought of keeping up with data and analytics can be […]

Facebook: How often should I post?

How Often to Post on Facebook? A common question I am asked is “How often should I post on my social media accounts?” Social media, as we have discussed here recently, is a great method to help increase traffic to your website. These free platforms require minimum investment, but have the potential for a great […]

Facebook: Why Do You Need A Facebook Group?

Why Do You Need A Facebook Group? So you found out from a recent post that a Facebook account can be a great tool and resources for your online business. Now what?  Having a Facebook account simply isn’t enough. There are a number of different resources and things you can do within the account itself […]

Facebook: Why Do You Need A Facebook Page?

Why Do You Need A Facebook Page? Social media is a pretty large concept in today’s society. Wherever you look there is talk of something that may be social media related. Facebook is one of the largest social media networking sites that is in use right now. With millions of individual accounts, Facebook is one […]

Facebook: Setting up your business page

How do you set up your Facebook Business Page? We have been talking about Facebook a lot lately. The reality is, it’s a great resource available to increase traffic and generate revenue for your online business. But maybe you aren’t interested in having a personal Facebook page. Maybe you aren’t big on social media to […]