Elementor Pro: Changing the Face of Website Design

Elementor Pro: Changing the Face of Website Design With Elementor Pro, you can take your web design and creativity to the next level.  It’s super easy, user friendly and great for businesses who want to add more flare to their creativity. It is not merely an advanced page builder, but a web design portal that […]

Canva: Your Tool for Graphic Design

Canva: Your Graphic Design Tool Now everyone can tackle graphic design with the help of Canva. It’s really that easy! Canva comes with as simple drag and drop interface application that offers more than one million pictures, fonts and graphics to choose from. Graphic designing has never been SO easy!  Instead of hiring designers for […]

Branding: What is a Brand

Branding: What is a brand? https://youtu.be/jeHKDp72lOM By definition, a brand is “an identifying mark”.  This “identifying mark” is the face of your business when you are not there to personally represent it.  This “mark” must convey your businesses personality, image and the emotion that you want your customer to feel when they are interacting with […]


Keep it consistent Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.  So we have talked about consistency in your branding.  At this point, we have discussed consistency with your colors, fonts and logo.  There […]


Don’t be Sloppy! As a business owner what we put out in the world is so important to ensure that we are giving our audience what they want to see in our branding. What do we want them to feel when they see our company logo and marketing materials? Are we being sloppy or do […]


What does the color red make you think of? Have you seen the movie Inside Out. It is an animated movie that makes characters out of the emotions inside of your head. There is joy, sadness, anger, worry and envy. Each character (emotion) is a different color. Anger is a red character which is typically […]


Branding: The face of your business Having small children in today’s society is no easy task. They are consuming everything coming at them at a rapid pace. It is so hard to shield them from anything because they see and hear everything around them. While driving down the road they can point out and name […]