Where do I start?

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You have to spend money to make money

  • Do you have your Facebook page set up?
  • Do you have your email marketing in place?
  • Do you have a consistence brand?
  • Have your purchased your domain?
  • Do you have organization in your inbox?

Put boundaries in place!

  • Do you have an opt-in in place?
  • Is your email list growing?
  • Do you have a 2nd Social Media in place?
  • Are you building your website?

It is ok to ask for help because you need a team!

  • Is your website built?
  • Are you driving your traffic back to your website?
  • What task can you hire out or automate?
  • Are you starting to see sales?

It is possible to walk away from your business for a weekend trip and not drop the ball!

  • Have you hired out help or automated your
    • Email
    • Social Media scheduling
    • Bot directing your Social Media to your website
  • Can you step away from your business without it crashing?

It is possible to walk away from your business for week and still make money!

  • Do you have FREE time for your family?
  • Do you have financial freedom?
  • Do you have a business that fits into your life?
  • Do you have a team you love?
  • Do you have NO guilt to go on vacation?
  • Are you able to help others grow to the level you are at?