Ready to Automate your Social Media?

Do you remember the reason you started this business? I’m going to bet it wasn’t to spend your days keeping the social media algorithms happy. 

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Want to quit spending your days posting on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and get back to making #alltheprettythings?

Does this sound like you?

The gurus tell you to:

                    • post 4 times a day on Facebook
                    • post once a day on Instagram
                    • send three emails a week to your audience
                    • pin at least ten times a day on Pinterest


PLUS find time to: 

                    • create new products
                    • go live on Facebook AND
                    • ship out orders

Get your time back

by using automation 

Let us show you just how simple it can be to automate Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Email Marketing. 


Everybody says you need to post four times a day on Facebook, who has time for that?


Instagram is such a great place for creatives to connect because it is such a visual platform. But you must be consistent and post daily.


The expert say to pin at least 10 times a day. You totally have time for that, don't you?

Email Marketing

Three. Emails. A. Week. Seriously this is getting to be too much! How can I get it all done?

But how?

I would love to automate, but I have no idea how.

What if you could sit down and create content for your social media and other channels once and put them on a loop so that they would post on their own while you were sleeping, painting or playing with your kids. 

Let us show you!

Automation is life changing for your business.

Did you know that you can create content and use it over and over again? We call this evergreen content and we will teach you the beauty of using evergreen content on all social platforms.


We have researched and tried lots of different tools and have narrowed it down to the ones that work best for creative entrepreneurs. 


We are not only going to tell you what those tools are, we are going to show you exactly how to set those tools up using screen-share videos so you can follow along.

You will be able to start automating your business immediately


Your guide to successfully automating your creative business

Our course walks you through step by step how to set up and implement automation for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Email Marketing.  No more Google searching, beating your head against the wall and wasting your precious time trying to find a better way.

Let us show you with screen share videos how to set up each tool today!

Picture This...

Next week when you sit down at you desk to work on your business, you won’t be spending your time worrying about scheduling all of your Facebook posts, Pinterest Pins, Instagram post and stories and emails that need to be sent out.

You grab your cup of coffee (or diet Dr. Pepper) and turn your computer on and instead of stressing about scheduling all of the post for all of the platforms that week, you scroll through your Facebook feed and Instagram feed and spending time interacting with customers and build relationships instead. After you scroll through, answering all the comments and DM’s you close your laptop and you get back to making #alltheprettythings. This is why you started your business. 

This is what's included:

Bonus: Business Creation

Ensuring your business is set up correctly from the beginning is a must. We have a resource center full of tips and tricks to help you get started.

$49 value

Bonus: Branding

Having the best social media in the world will not matter if you don't establish your brand. We have a full training showing you how to create a logo, pick colors and fonts for your brand.

$97 value

Bonus: Analytics

Yuck! You probably hate that word, but if you aren't tracking your numbers you don't know where you have been so you can't possibly know where you are going.

$47 value

Bonus: Hiring Help

Once you have your foundation in place, adding in help will become so much easier (and cheaper). We have a resource center full of tips to help you hire the right person for your business.

$47 value

Total Value:


for only:


I could have not done this myself, they are great teachers that help throughout the process! Thank you all for being so kind!.
Lori K
I don't know what to do this stuff is so confusing to me! I just want to make pretty things, thank you for giving me a path!
Lisa B

Let's start Automating

You will wish next year that you had started today.

Simplify your business and get back to making #alltheprettythings. Isn’t that why you started your business in the first place? 

It really is as simple as...

grabbing your phone or tablet and your laptop and getting started.

Find a quite place, log into our training and follow along on your laptop and set up while you learn. By the end of each training you will have automated another platform. Maybe you need to stay up a couple hours after your family goes to bed or get up a couple hours earlier, but we promise it will be worth the time spent as you will save so much time in the future.

Does your day currently look like this? 

Right now you are trying to remember to post on Facebook four times a day (or perhaps you are scheduling once a week and spending an hour or two of your precious time).

You are also trying to jump on Pinterest to pin ten pins a day and you are probably getting sidetracked with all the pretty things and you are spending more time on there then you should be. The time you are wasting on Pinterest you could be creating new products and services for your customers.

You are sharing your daily activities on Instagram, but getting lost in the feed chatting with other friends and forgetting why you were on there in the first place.

You may have heard that you are supposed to be growing your email list and nurturing them with three emails a week are you struggling to fit that into your weekly schedule?

There really is a better way and we are so excited to show that to you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are a creative entrepreneur trying to connect with your customer on several platforms and grow you know, like and trust factor so that you can turn new faces into paying customers , yes this is for you! 

You will need to create great content and then set that content up in the automation tools that we show you how to use. This takes more time on the front end and you will periodically update your content as you create new products and services, but what you are doing is building a bigger bank of evergreen content for your audience. If you already post on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and send out emails, this is going to be a quicker process for you because you already have content and ideas on what and when to share. If you are just getting started, we show you the types of content that you need to create and then after it is created we show you how to automate it. 

This can take anywhere from an afternoon to a week depending on how much content you have already created. 

Our course is for doers. If you are looking for a quick fix and are not willing to put in the work on the front end to set this up properly, then this is not the course for you. There are no quick fixes or overnight success being a business owner takes time dedication and hard work. 

We have a monthly coaching program where we answer questions and help creative entrepreneurs get unstuck. We realize that the quickest way for a business owner to give up is when they become unstuck and can’t find the answers to keep going. We provide those answers for our members. If you would like more information please email us at

If you implement our course and feel like it does not free up your time as we promised it would, we will absolutely give you a full refund. In order to qualify for a refund, you will need to show us screen shares of all of the tools that you set up and that you actually implemented the entire course. There are no exceptions to this refund policy.  

What are you waiting for?

Take control of your time and get back to making #alltheprettythings

There is no time like the present to make big changes! Now that you know there is a better way, why would you continue to spend hours each week doing tasks that you dislike and are not directly affecting your bottom line. Spend that time doing what you love and creating new products and services for your customers. 

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