Branding: The face of your business

Having small children in today’s society is no easy task. They are consuming everything coming at them at a rapid pace. It is so hard to shield them from anything because they see and hear everything around them. While driving down the road they can point out and name each and every restaurant or store that we pass. Also because they also watch T.V. and YouTube videos they see ads from these same stores and they can tell me any toys they want from said store or they can give me the jingle for that business. While as small business owners we are typically the face of our brand, our logo the face of our brand when we aren’t front and center. 


Your logo....

Your logo is a standalone graphic that helps your clients and yourself define your business. One the flip side, your brand identity is a clearly outlined set of guidelines that can be used on whatever piece of medium you are using. For example, if you are making a graphic for Instagram you will have this brand identity to use as a guideline, also you can use that same guideline to create a newsletter to send out to your clients. Your logo is going to be the foundation of your brand identity. 

People recognize and relate to imagery faster and better than they do to text. When you have your logo on your photos and everything you produce, your audience will know that it is you without reading the text on your logo. They will relate your logo graphic back to your face and have a stronger bond to what is being said because you are consistent and they are beginning to know and trust you.

Some things to keep in mind...

Some things to keep in mind when creating/designing your logo are…

Is it:

What do I mean by this?

What do I mean by this? Your logo needs to be easy on the eyes when you first glance at it. It needs to have the ability for someone to recognize and understand what it means within 10 seconds of viewing it. Your logo needs to be scale-able, meaning that you need to have the ability to grow with your logo, keeping your logo simple with make this process easier. Your logo needs to be memorable, or unique. It needs to be able to stand out from the crowd. Your logo needs to be relevant to what you are doing in your industry.

Logos are important because they allow you to have brand identity.  Brand identity allows people to recognize and relate to your content faster because they know and recognize your logo. Your logo needs to be simple, scalable, memorable, versatile and relevant.

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