Keep it consistent

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So we have talked about consistency in your branding.  At this point, we have discussed consistency with your colors, fonts and logo.  There is one more component that we need to talk about… graphics!  

Your graphics will give your brand a personality and a style.  When picking graphics for your website backgrounds, email marketing newsletters and flyers, it is important that they keep the same look and feel so that your branding doesn’t seem muddled.  

If I want to invoke a peaceful feeling when someone encounters my brand, I will want to stay away from sharp and bold patterns and colors.  I may pick a muted floral to accent my website.  

On the other hand, if I want to show dominance and assertiveness with my branding, I will use that bold pattern and bold pops of color.  

Another thing to consider is your still shot photo graphics.  These need to have your brand colors and theme in order to keep your website and promo graphics consistent.  We recommend creating a mood board and making sure that your customer’s pictures you are using for marketing have some of the same colors and the same feel as your mood board. 

Your branding graphics must have a commercial license.  One of the most common mistakes that I see businesses make is downloading patterns and digital paper/backgrounds from the internet and using them without the proper license.  This can get you into major trouble.  

Some of the companies we recommend getting digital images, backgrounds, patterns and even commercial use fonts from are:

Creative Fabrica
Mighty Deals
Creative Market

If you would like to see examples of branding boards that include fonts, colors and graphics, check out our products at: 

I hope that we have given you some things to think on as you explore graphics  for your branding.  If you are stuck and need some help, we provide graphic design services.  Are you needing a logo? Need a full branding makeover?

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