Don't be Sloppy!

As a business owner what we put out in the world is so important to ensure that we are giving our audience what they want to see in our branding. What do we want them to feel when they see our company logo and marketing materials? Are we being sloppy or do we have all of our so-called ducks in a row?

Just for fun, let’s look at some examples of what NOT to do when picking out your fonts. 

Choosing your fonts is no easy task. We are going to walk you through some steps that you can take to get your perfect font pairing for your brand. 

First rule is to give each font a job. Ok what do we mean when we say that? When you are creating your graphics or your copy for your website, choose a font for each section and use them consistently.  For example, you would need one for your headers and one for your body and maybe one other as an accent font. This will make it so much easier on you when you are creating content because you will know what fonts to use and where to use them without having to think about it.

Now how do we figure out which fonts to use??  Serif, sans serif or script, what the heck do those even mean???  Well, here is a quick graphic to show you the difference in serif and sans serif. 

Basically, serif fonts have a small line attached to them and they typically look fancier. Sans serif is a font type that doesn’t have the extending features at the end of the strokes and they tend to be more plain in appearance. Script typefaces use fluid strokes created by handwriting, such as cursive writing. 

When trying to find your perfect pairing you will normally want to pair a script with either a serif or sans serif OR you want to pair a serif with a san serif.  The more contract between the fonts, the better they normally look together. An exception to this is two fonts that are of great contract…. Like a font appropriate for a Halloween invitation paired with a font appropriate for a wedding.  That just won’t work!  

Another thing to remember is to vary your font sizes.  Your business name will be larger and more prominent than your tag line will be. 

I hope that we have given you some things to think on as you explore font choices for your branding.  If you are stuck and need some help, we provide graphic design services.  Are you needing a logo? Need a full branding makeover?

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Want to learn how to be consistent with your branding graphics?  We talk all about that in our next blog post right here.