What does the color red make you think of?

Have you seen the movie Inside Out. It is an animated movie that makes characters out of the emotions inside of your head. There is joy, sadness, anger, worry and envy. Each character (emotion) is a different color. Anger is a red character which is typically how we portray that color, very high emotions. Sadness is a blue character which is typically how we see that emotion. You get my drift. Every color gives off a vibe or feeling to each person that sees that color. 

How consumers feel about your brand has more pull than what they think about your brand. Pair that with the fact that we know certain colors evoke certain emotions and viola: your brand colors have the ability to impact your sales or performance even more than the products you offer. You don’t want to be selling a product that is supposed to make someone feel calm such as bath bombs or lotions but plaster your branding with the color red. It would be more ideal to use the color blue or purple to bring your thoughts back down to a calm place. 

When picking your colors you will want to know what you are trying to communicate. Figuring out your brand personality goals such as:

Feminine or masculine

Playful or serious

Luxurious or affordable

Modern or classic

Youthful or mature

Loud or subdued

What do you want your brand to act like? How do you want it to make people feel? These are some important questions to ask yourself when trying to figure out what message your business will be relaying to your potential clients. 

After you have taken some time to figure out what message you want to portray, it is time for the fun part. Choose 3 to 5 colors for your brand, a base, accent and a neutral. The base color and neutral need to be in the same color family with the accent bring some personality to your color palette. 

The brand colors are going to be powerful in your business success. Figuring out what you want your brand to look like and how you want it to make people feel is key to branding success. You will simply use those same 3 to 5 colors across all of your marketing/ads/website and copy to stay consistent with your branding. 

In the next blog post we will be talking about choosing your font!  Click here to read more.

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