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We will be sharing our best kept secrets here! Check back weekly for new updates!

By Kristi Wells & Kara Williams

Hey guys!! 

For those of you that don’t know us. We are Kristi Wells & Kara Williams – the owners and creatives behind Creative Business Builders! We are super excited to be adding a blog to our page! We will be updating this every week or so with new ideas, hacks, trainings and even some sneak peek tutorials! It will be a place for everything creative and inspiring and business related to help you take steps forward in your business! This is where we can share a little bit more of us with you!

“Forward progress is still progress, just keep taking those steps.”


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Branding: What is a Brand

Branding: What is a brand? https://youtu.be/jeHKDp72lOM By definition, a brand is “an identifying mark”.  This “identifying mark” is the face of your business when you

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